Malibu Dream 400X Dream Bronzer


Hey there, beach babes! Are you ready to dive into a world of sun-kissed adventures and endless glam in the fabulous land of Malibu? Picture this: you, rocking that iconic pink swimsuit with a gorgeous tan as you strut your stuff on the sandy shores. With your effortless radiance and style, you turn heads wherever you go! Let your Malibu Dream become your reality.
• 400X Dream Bronzers are the stuff your best dreams are made of
• A-List Perfectbody llluminators give your skin a celeb-level toned radiant appearance
• A Hyaluronic Acid, Peptide, & Collagen Cocktail condition for a youthful glow
• Color-loving Carrot Oil gives your tan Malibu-worthy tone
• Super Silicones, because everybody loves a softie
• A Tiger Grass infusion helps beautiful tattoos look their brightest

Available in: 64 oz. Jug / 13.5 oz. Bottle / 7.5 oz. Bottle / .75 oz. Packette

Fragrance: Malibu Bay Breeze

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