T-Max Manager Pro


The T-Max Manager Pro is a front desk control unit for the T-Max 3W/G2 Timers. It can be connected to up to 64 T-Max 3W/G2s and/or T-Max 3A Intercoms to control up to 128 tanning units in a single salon. It also works with tanning beds with T-Max Certified timers.

The T-Max Manager Pro has 64 dual-colored lights showing bed status. A 16×2 easy to read Vacuum Fluorescent Display (VFD) also shows the status of a given bed. A 16 key keypad allows for manual session control. The T-Max Manager Pro can be used manually or be controlled with a PC using today’s most popular tanning software. Up to eight T-Max Manager Pro and/or T-Max Manager G2 controllers can be connected to a single salon.

The T-Max Manager/Pro Connects to the G2 Access Point and G2 Power Injector to control your salon wirelessly!

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